Presidential elections in the United States

 The year 2020 witnessed important political events in the United States, where presidential and parliamentary elections were held, which had an impact on the global political arena. Here is an overview of some vital policy developments and issues:

Global political

1. Presidential elections in the United States

Presidential candidates: The elections witnessed a confrontation between former President Donald Trump and candidate Joe Biden.
Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic: Campaigns focused on how to deal with and manage the COVID-19 pandemic.

2. Internal challenges

Economic policies: Talking about economic recovery and confronting unemployment.
Social Justice: Focus on issues of social justice and equality.

3. Global political issues

International challenges: The elections touched on international challenges such as relations with China and Russia.
Climate Change: US commitment to address climate change and join the Paris Agreement.

4. Political escalation

Escalating tensions: Political and social tensions escalated in America, and campaigns searched for solutions to reduce division.

5. The influence of social media

Role of social media: Two campaigns used social media effectively to communicate with voters and convey messages.

6. Efforts to combat foreign interference

Protection from foreign influences: The elections were directed towards strengthening cybersecurity and protecting the democratic process from foreign interference.

7. Global interest

Continued global monitoring: The elections received global attention due to their potential impact on international relations.

8. The impact of the pandemic on voting

Challenges resulting from COVID-19: Finding safe and effective ways to conduct elections during the pandemic.

These challenges and issues have shaped the political landscape in the United States and influenced global interactions.
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