Artificial nail problems in women

Artificial nails are one of the popular cosmetic methods among women in the modern era, as these nails provide an opportunity to express elegance and beauty. However, these artificial nails cause some problems that may affect the health of the nails and the surrounding skin. In this article, we will discuss the problems and challenges that women who rely on artificial nails may face.

Common problems

Damage to natural nails

Using artificial nails permanently may lead to damage to natural nails, as these nails may become more brittle and weak as a result of the use of chemicals and glue used to attach artificial nails.

Irritation and sensitivity

Some people may suffer from irritation and allergies as a result of the use of adhesives and chemicals used in installing artificial nails, which leads to itching or redness in the nail area.

Chemical poisoning

Some materials used to make artificial nails may contain harmful chemical compounds that can seep into the body through the skin, increasing the possibility of chemical poisoning.

Press on natural nails

Weighing down artificial nails may put more pressure on natural nails, which can cause them to weaken and break more frequently.

Difficulty in maintenance

Artificial nails require regular maintenance, and this can be a burden on women who may find themselves needing to have them regularly rearranged and repaired.

Solutions and guidance

Use safe materials

Products that contain safe materials and are free of harmful chemicals should be chosen to avoid negative effects on health.

Good ventilation

It is preferable to use artificial nails in a well-ventilated place to reduce the effect of chemical odors and irritation.

Comfort for natural nails

Natural nails should be given periods of rest between periods of using artificial nails to avoid continuous damage.

Good care

Women who use artificial nails should take good care of the nails and the surrounding skin, using specialized moisturizers and oils.

Reduce continuous use

Continuous use of artificial nails can be reduced to maintain the health of natural nails.

Artificial nails are an effective way to improve the appearance of nails and add an aesthetic touch to a woman's appearance. However, women should be aware of potential problems and take precautions to maintain the health of their natural nails. In parallel with external beauty, internal care must also be considered to ensure healthy and beautiful nails.
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